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Grading Policy Change for Spring 2020

April 6, 2020

As we all adjust to our present situation, the Blackhawk team is working to make the necessary modifications to our college operations that lessen the burden and anxiety placed on our most precious resource – you, our students. Although we will not be able to solve every issue, we have been actively working on a variety of contingencies depending on how the next several weeks play out.

One issue of concern is related to grading. This week, we decided to change the grading policy for all Spring 2020 term classes. All students enrolled in a Spring 2020 term class will have the option of receiving the letter grade earned in their class or receiving a PASS (P) or FAIL (F) in place of the letter grade. This option is at the discretion of the student.

Once all work is complete for the course and grades are compiled by the instructor, each student will have the option of taking the grade earned (A, AB, B, BC, C, D, or F) or choosing the P or F. If a student chooses a PASS/FAIL, there is no impact on their GPA. If a student chooses to receive the grade earned, it will count toward their GPA. As a precaution, Faculty will also record the actual letter grade earned in the student record; for example, a letter grade may be required if a student chooses to transfer in the future.

We hope that this policy change will lessen the anxiety of these trying times.

Tracy P. Pierner, Ph.D.

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