BTC Prepares Students for Medical School

March 21, 2019

A technical college education does not mean that you are settling or that you cannot cut it in a more “traditional” college or university. On the contrary, many students not only transfer to four-year colleges and universities after Blackhawk Technical College but they also come home to BTC after earning their bachelor’s degree. For example, students can even use BTC as a way to improve their applications to medical school.

That is precisely what Brady Beuschel, David Brown and Jessica Jordan are doing. All three students are currently in the Advanced EMT program in BTC’s Health Science and Public Safety Division with their sights set on more. Jordan and Brown plan to pursue medical school and Beuschel would like to become a physician’s assistant.

“Gaining clinical experience and patient contact hours will enhance our applications to med school,” said Brown, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. In addition to his coursework at BTC, Brown is currently an EMT with the Whitewater Fire Department.

In regards to their experience at BTC, Beuschel said, “It is very hands-on at BTC. We learn skills and get to apply them immediately.” They all agreed that is what makes the BTC experience unique – real-world application right away. Beuschel graduated from Upper Iowa University and is currently employed as a pharmacy technician.

Jordan, a graduate of Clarke University, started her EMT training with the summer accelerated course while still at the four-year college. “It was easy to complete the basic certification during the summer, and I was able to earn money while finishing my bachelor’s degree.” She currently works as an emergency department technician as another way to boost her clinical experience and patient contact hours.

It is clear that all three of these non-traditional students are headed for great things.

Their instructor, Kristina Jordan, agreed. “Their obvious love for science and caring for people make them a great fit for EMS. They use their strong academic backgrounds from the four-year college to help their classmates. This demonstrates their true passion and commitment for the medical field.” 

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