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2018 Summer Camps

Join us for specialized summer camps designed for students entering grades 5-10! Our customized camps are small, personalized and focused on the students’ interests. 

Registration has now closed. 
Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Summer Camps! Please contact us at or (608) 757-7701 with any questions.

Important Information

Each camp will have a field trip on Wednesdays to a local business or other organization. Further information regarding the field trips will be provided in the Camp Welcome Packet.
If you will be dropping off and picking up your child for the camp instead of using the free transportation option, all parents/guardians must accompany their child into the front entrance of the College Campus location where your child will be attending the camp for daily check-in/check-out during the camp. No drop‐offs prior to 30 minutes before the camp is scheduled to start are permitted. Parents/Guardians are asked to make arrangements to pick-up students promptly at the end of camp. If you cannot pick-up your child due to an emergency, please contact the Skills Today: Careers for Tomorrow Office at (608) 757-7701 or
For the safety of the child, if a child needs to be picked‐up early, the program staff must receive notification of the time of early checkout for the child. 
Children may be photographed or interviewed while attending the camps. These items may be used on promotional materials for future programming. There is a Release of Audio and Visual materials as part of the registration process.

All students will be required to have Emergency Contact information on file. This information is part of the registration process and will need to be completed when submitting information contained in the Camp Welcome Packet. 

A Skills Today: Careers for Tomorrow staff member will inform parents if a child is injured. A parent/guardian or emergency contact person designated by the parent must be available by phone in case of an emergency. In the event it becomes necessary for staff to obtain emergency care for your child, neither he/she nor the college assumes financial liability for expenses incurred. Parents should ensure that a child has personal medical coverage & accident insurance.

Blackhawk Technical College staff cannot administer any medication, prescription, non‐prescription or over the counter medicines to students. If a student needs to take medication during class, an Authorization to Self Medicate form provided and completed by your child’s physician must be provided to the program coordinator. A separate form must be completed for each medication, whether it is prescription or over the counter.

The program staff will provide a fun, relaxed and educational environment for the students. Participants are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior and to follow the directions of staff. Behavior such as: aggressiveness and anger, fighting, inappropriate touching, verbal abuse, negative attitude and insubordination towards staff will not be tolerated.

The staff is knowledgeable about the traits and needs of school children and will attempt to diminish disruptive behavior by: Using preventive management techniques, encouraging self‐discipline, stressing positive behaviors, establishing class rules and guidelines.

Immediate behavioral problems will be handled by the instructor. Recurring behavioral problems will be referred to the Summer Camp Coordinator and parents will be notified. The instructor will employ the previously mentioned classroom management techniques. However, should the behavior continue or be severe enough, dismissal from the program may occur. Refunds will not be granted if a student is dismissed from the program due to disciplinary action.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Skills Today: Careers for Tomorrow camps serve students entering grades 5-10. 
Each 5-day camp is $75 and 1-day camp is $25 which includes registration, supplies, and snacks.
Yes, for the 5-day camps a limited number of scholarships are available for those who qualify. A scholarship application must be submitted along with the student registration form for consideration.
When you submit your student registration form, you will also find a link to the scholarship application form. 
Professional and certified instructors teach the Skills Today: Careers for Tomorrow camps. Blackhawk Technical College also provides caring staff to assist throughout the day.

Click here to view the registration process and required forms. Completed forms are accepted by mail or in person at our Central Campus (6004 S County Rd G, Janesville, WI). Scholarship applications must be submitted as part of the registration materials for consideration. 

We ask that if you sign up for the week that students do their best to attend all days of the camp. 
Students should dress in appropriate casual attire. Closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops) are required due to the nature of the different activities they will be doing during the camp.
A notebook and writing utensil may be needed for some classes. All other materials are provided as part of registration fees. A light snack will be provided during each day of the camps. If a student prefers to bring their own snack, they are welcome to do so. Beverage and snack vending machines are also available on campus.
Blackhawk Technical College is committed to providing accessible education in a supportive learning environment for all students. To help us meet this goal, all students with disabilities who require special accommodations are asked to notify our Access and Accomodations Coordinator at (608) 757-7796. Arrangements need to be made no later than ten days prior to the start date. Blackhawk Technical College does not provide personal medical assistants or care attendants.

The Auto-Diesel Camp will be held at the Center for Transportation Studies located at 1740 W US Hwy 14, Janesville, WI.

The Battle Bots Camp will be held at the Advanced Manufacturing Training Center located at 15 Plumb St, Milton, WI.

The Agriculture Camp will be held at the Monroe Campus located at 210 4th Avenue Monroe, WI.

All other camps will be held at the Blackhawk Technical College Central Campus located at 6004 S County Road G, Janesville, WI. 

We do offer free transportation to and from the camps at designated locations in Janesville (Hedberg Public Library, 316 S Main St) or Beloit (Beloit Public Library, 605 Eclipse Boulevard). When completing the Camp Release Form, you will designate the pick-up and/or drop-off location for your child to receive transportation. A staff member will be traveling with your child. You will receive confirmation of the travel arrangements and the contact information for the staff member traveling with your child.
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