Get to Know Blackhawk’s Lynzie Schindler, Shuttle Coordinator

November 1, 2023


Welcome to our “Get to Know Blackhawk” series, which uses a Q&A format to showcase the diverse and talented individuals within the college community.

What is your name and where did you grow up?

Lynzie Schindler. I grew up in Jones, Oklahoma.

What is your role at Blackhawk Technical College?

Shuttle Coordinator

What was your journey to this role? Where did you go to school? What did you study?

My mom was a school bus driver, and I loved going with her on the bus. I graduated from Jones High School, then went on to Mid-Del Technology Center for Cosmetology & Master Educator.

Is there something that drew you to this career?

We have a huge need in our communities for safe transportation to schools, sporting events, field trips, job shadowing and so much more. I wanted to help.

What motivated you to apply for this position at Blackhawk?

Having seen the value of technical school for myself, this was a great fit for me and my family.

What is something Blackhawk offers that you feel other colleges do not?

Support toward your future: Education, transportation, encouraging staff, and a growing campus.

What is your life like outside of work? Family? Community involvement? Adorable pets?

My husband Dan and I just built our dream home. Our daughter Makynzie graduated from Clinton High School and is going to school in Oklahoma. Our son Blaine is a junior at Clinton High and plans to attend BTC. I have two horses and my Corgi, Devin Grace.

Tell us something about yourself you think people would be surprised to know.

I love to compete at barrel races and rodeos.

What is your favorite quote?

If you never ask, the answer is always no.

What was your first job?

Nannies Daycare

What was your first concert?

Terri Clark

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, which food would you pick?

Chicken strips

What is your favorite pizza topping?


What is your favorite movie?

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

What/who is your favorite sports team or pro athlete?

OSU Basketball 

If you could have any superpower, which one would you pick?

Time travel

What/who is your favorite book or author?

“Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” by Ree Drummond

If you could be any zoo animal, which one would you choose?


What would be your dream car to own?

1980’s Jeep Wrangler CJ

Is there a particular social media platform you spend a lot of time on?


What’s one thing on your bucket list?

Go to Atlantis in the Bahamas

If aliens landed on Earth, who would you recommend they talk to?

Dolly Parton

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