Behavior Intervention Team

Behavior Intervention Team

The Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) is a small cross-functional group of BTC staff and faculty who meet weekly to collect and review all reported information about community members and to develop an intervention plan to assist them. The BIT encourages you to share any/all concerning information and behaviors that you feel are related to any of the three categories below. The BIT will review/refer the situation to the appropriate intervention process.

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In any emergency situation, call 911!

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Please help keep our school free from threats of intimidation and harm by reporting any behavior that could be considered disruptive, threatening, concerning or bizarre. Any student, staff, faculty, or community member can make a BIT referral using our online reporting tool.

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Categories & Examples

These lists are not all-inclusive and any concerning behaviors should be reported for BIT to review.

Concerning Behaviors

  • Comments that are inappropriate or irrelevant to class discussion
  • Unable to control emotions
  • Very anxious
  • Concerning writing or art
  • Extreme change in appearance or behavior
  • Unusual bruising or other injuries
  • Interrupting class discussions
  • Making threats or threatening behavior to self or others
  • Weapons, explosive devices or chemicals on campus

Code of Conduct

  • Academic honesty 
  • Alcohol regulations
  • Disruptive conduct 
  • Drugs
  • Endangering safety of others 
  • Failure to comply
  • False information
  • Hazing
  • Misuse of college materials, services or property
  • Off-campus conduct
  • Theft

Student Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Visitors & Guests

Title IX Behaviors

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Stalking
  • Dating Violence
  • Retaliation
  • Gender Discrimination

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