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Veterans Educational Benefits

Let us help you find out what benefits you’re eligible for and support you as you transition to college life.

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Claim your veteran education benefits.

Contact the County Veteran Services Officers (CVSO) for your state regarding eligibility and filling out initial paperwork.

 Benefits Requirements

After reviewing the benefits requirements, complete the process with Blackhawk's School Certifying Official (SCO).

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Earn credit for military training and service.

We offer credit of military occupations and training courses if they are recommended for credit by the American Council of Education (ACE) and if we offer a similar course. The credits earned are for general electives required for an Associate's Degree only. If you have questions about fulfilling major requirements, contact a BTC advisor.

Military Training & Service Credit

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See what makes us a Military Friendly School.

  • As an eligible veteran or service member, you have priority enrollment, allowing you to register for classes before non-service members. Please note: documentation is required.
  • Policies are in place to help keep your education on track if you are called for active military service during semester.
  • Scholarships for military spouses are available via Career Step.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) determines which programs are eligible for Veteran Education Benefits. To find current, eligible programs at Blackhawk Technical College, use the VA's online search. 

Search Eligible Programs

If you would like to join one of our flexible education programs, please contact the School Certifying Official at (608) 757-7664 or for additional information.

As an eligible veteran or service member, you have the opportunity for priority enrollment, meaning you can enroll in courses ahead of non-service members. Service members interested in a priority enrollment must submit one of the below documents to the School Certifying Official. Continuing students do not need to submit documentation again.

Submit one of the following items:
  • DD-214/DD-215
  • NGB22/22A or Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE)
  • Reserve Credit Report and Discharge Order and Point Summary
  • Commander‘s Letter
  • Current Orders
  • Letter from County Veterans Service Officer

If you are deployed during semester, please contact the School Certifying Official at (608) 757-7664 or

Students who are members of the National Guard or other military reserve units, during times of national or regional crisis, may be called to active duty during the term of their enrollment at Blackhawk Technical College (College). Students who are activated for military service shall have the following options:

  1. Students may be granted a full refund (100%) of all tuition and fees as allowable by Wisconsin Administrative Code TCS 10.08(3)(f). This refund will be approved for all classes the student is enrolled in during the current term, regardless of the amount of time remaining in the term. Students requesting a refund must do so in writing; or
  2. Students who have completed 75% or more of a course, working in close cooperation with their instructor(s), may be granted a final grade for their course(s). The decision to issue a final grade rests solely with the course instructor with consideration given to the student’s work and academic progress; or,
  3. Students who have completed less than 75% of a course, working in close cooperation with their instructor(s), may be permitted to complete course work via independent study, test out or some other mechanism to be determined by the instructor. Individual faculty will decide what option, if any, is possible.

Students, previously enrolled at the College, will be guaranteed reenrollment priority upon returning from active duty in accordance with the special admission criterion allowable under Wisconsin Administrative Code TCS 10.07(5m). This opportunity is available to students for up to one year from the time they are released from active duty. Tuition and course fees in effect at the time of reenrollment shall apply. Students desiring to reenroll should notify the College of their intent as soon as possible upon their return to the area, but no later than two weeks prior to the start of the term. Students desiring to reenroll more than one year from the time of release from active duty shall be admitted using the standard admissions process.

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Check out available financial aid options.

The four basic types of financial aid available to students at Blackhawk include grants, scholarships, work-study opportunities, and loans

Contact Financial Aid at (608) 757-7664 or for more information.

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