Blackhawk Technical College provides free tutoring services to credit students enrolled at the college. Testing and Tutoring Services is located on our Central Campus. Tutoring services at other locations are subject to availability.

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Walk-In Tutoring

You can get help with core concepts, homework and testing of for-credit classes through walk-in tutoring. Work with Learning Support Faculty to identify stumbling blocks in the learning process that will build course confidence and lead to academic success.

Walk-in tutoring is available in the Student Success Center on Central Campus in the Math and Science Lab, Room 2216 and Communications Skills Lab, Room 2213.

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Online Tutoring

Take advantage of 24/7 NetTutor® — a free service available to students in need of tutoring outside of regular office hours. You can access NetTutor® by logging into Blackboard and going to the tools menu within your course.

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Peer Tutoring

If you are struggling with a specific topic, need guidance on completing assignments, need help preparing for exams or are looking for other students to work with (i.e. small peer study group), peer tutoring may be right for you.

To request a peer tutor, contact the Testing & Tutoring Services Specialist for an appointment at (608) 757-6321 or

Interested in becoming a peer tutor? Requirements include: successful completion of 12 transferable credits (with a minimum overall GPA of 3.00 and 3.00 GPA in the course you want to tutor), recommendation from an instructor of the course you want to tutor and résumé. To get started, complete the Tutor Application and Instructor Recommendation Form (both available in the Student Success Center),  submit the materials along with your résumé and schedule an interview with the Testing & Tutoring Services Specialist at

Open Tutoring Labs

Math and Science Lab, Room 2216
  • Lab tutoring for math and science
  • Program class preparation with an emphasis on math and science courses
  • Individualized and classroom instruction
  • Math and writing skills brush up courses 
  • Assessment of academic skills
  • GED/HSED Preparation

Communication Skills Lab, Room 2213
  • Lab tutoring for communication
  • Individualized and classroom instruction focusing on:
    • Composition Preparation
    • APA/MLA Formatting
    • English Refresher
    • Writing Remediation
    • GED/HSED Preparation
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