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Many students enroll at Blackhawk Technical College with the potential to get college credit toward a degree or diploma because they have attended a different college or university, have professional experience or took college courses in high school. It’s also possible to be granted credit for career-related knowledge and skills you’ve already mastered. More information about earning Credit for Prior Learning is in the accordion below.

Types of Credit for Prior Learning

Blackhawk Technical College will award transfer of credits from other accredited institution of higher education. Credit may be granted to students transferring from other educational institutions, provided that:

  • The course is identified on an official transcript;
  • The course being transferred is equivalent in content and meets or exceeds the credit value of the BTC course;
  • A grade point of 2.0 (C or higher) on a 4.0 scale or above was earned in the course;
  • No more than 75% of program course work may be earned through the Credit for Prior Learning process;
  • Courses being considered for transfer of Written Communication or English Composition 1 must have been taken after the spring of 1990. 

Earned Associate, Bachelor or Master’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution – transfer of four general education classes (totaling twelve credits) and two courses of electives (totaling six credits). Other courses can be reviewed individually. Credit may also be granted if the degree earned is within the last 20 years or you have earned 15 or more credits (passed with a "C" or higher) in the last 10 years.

If you register for a course which the College later grants credit, you may choose to drop/withdraw from the course. You will be held responsible for all appropriate fees incurred.

Transfer credits are recorded as credits only and are not included in determining grade point averages.

The entire Credit for Prior Learning process can take up to three weeks.

Once your Credit for Prior Learning has been evaluated, you will be notified of the results to your BTC email account.

Course Age Limit Policy

Blackhawk Technical College (BTC) does not apply blanket age limits to courses for the purpose of BTC program completion, transfer in, meeting selective admissions, program’s ranking/entrance procedures, or meeting program requirements in award completion. Approved age limits on courses will be related to the competency(ies) students/graduates must demonstrate in the field, employment, and other measures such as certification examinations.

Courses included in an earned degree, whether from BTC or another institution, are exempt from the age limits listed below.

Approved time limits on applicability of courses to program admission and completion is available in program admission documents. The college does reserve the right to deny prior coursework if significant changes in the area of study have occurred, or if current knowledge is necessary for student success. For example, computer coursework or allied health courses may have changed significantly and may no longer satisfy degree requirements due to changes in technology or professional practices.


BTC Program and Courses Year Limit (date approved by Dean)
All math and science courses 5 years
All clinical and lab courses (Health Science) 1 year
CST/MITS - Computer Service Technician/ Manufacturing Information Technician Specialist 5 years
Criminal Justice Studies 5 years
IT-Network Specialist 5 years
IT-Web Software Developer 5 years
MLT - Medical Laboratory Technician 5 years
Nursing Assistant 5 years, unless currently employed as a Nursing Assistant

On occasion, students may have already acquired the knowledge and skills that are the intended outcomes of a particular course. For these individuals, Blackhawk Technical College offers Challenge Exams. A Challenge Exam is a method to assess students’ understanding of course content to determine if they demonstrate competency.  The exams typically take 2-3 hours to complete and may be comprised of essay, short-answer, matching, or multiple choice questions. 

A minimum "B" grade is required to pass most exams. Successful completion of such exams results in the granting of credit for the course. The credit for the course is entered on the student's record and appears on his/her transcript as "PR".

Eligible Challenge Exam Courses

Exam Information: 

  1. You must complete the exam prior to the start of the semester in which you would like the course applied to (see schedule below):​
    • Examination Deadlines:
      • By May 15 (for a Summer term start)
      • By July 15 (for a Fall term start)
      • By December 15 (for a Spring term start)
  2. Students must meet with their Advisor to discuss this option and to complete the Challenge Examination Application form.
  3. Register for and take the exam.
  4. Receive results within 15 business days of completion via your BTC student email account.

Arrangements for accommodating students will be made as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

As a member of the military, you may be eligible for college credit based on coursework that you have already completed throughout boot camp, basic training, officer training school or other training. Acceptance of credit by any college is at the discretion of the receiving college.

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain necessary documentation for credits to be considered for transfer. Once the appropriate documentation is received, Blackhawk Technical College staff will review military training and experience documents of former and currently enlisted U.S. Military personnel for the awarding of possible credits.

Veteran and Service Member Priority Registration: In compliance with Wisconsin Act AB201, Blackhawk Technical College proudly offers eligible veterans and service members the opportunity to receive priority course registration dates. This will allow service members to enroll in courses ahead of non-service members. This priority applies to service members who have served or are currently serving on active duty under honorable conditions in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Each of the branches of military service have developed methods for documenting military training. For information about obtaining your military transcript, follow the links below:

Documentation required:

Please note: All communications regarding any type of Credit for Prior Learning will be sent to your BTC email account.

Other Links:

It is advisable to contact your CVSO (County Veterans Services Office). The Rock County VA office can be reached at (608) 757-5552. The Green County VA office can be reached at (608) 328-9415.

Blackhawk Technical College may grant course credit for students who feel they have acquired knowledge equivalent to college credit through work, apprenticeship, business, industrial or other applied experience.

Please note the costs associated to the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process for evaluating work experience credits:
  • $90 - PLA Skills Demonstration
  • $90 - PLA Portfolio
  • $50 - PLA Test

How do I get started?

Contact us to learn more about competency assessments. Please bring supporting documentation of your related experiences. Appropriate documentation may include:
  • Cover letter describing the rationale for the request for course credit
  • Résumé detailing work experience
  • Job description (current or past duties that relate to the course)
  • Portfolios or E-folios (work samples and examples)
  • Reference(s) from current or past employer(s)
  • Certification verification, license, and/or recognition

Your advisor will forward your request and supporting documentation to the appropriate Dean or program coordinator for review. Upon review, the Registration Specialist will send you an email notifying you of the request status.

If course credits are granted it will be recorded on your permanent academic record. All supporting documentation you have submitted will be returned to you. Please note: work experience learning credits and other transfer work cannot amount to more than 75% of credits used towards a degree or certificate.

Credit Transfer Tool

If you are transferring credit in from another WTCS or UW System school, please visit the Credit Transfer Wizard website for information.

Credit Transfer Wizard

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If you have any questions regarding Credit for Prior Learning, please contact Theresa Eiden at (608) 743-4535 during business hours or email us at any time!

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